Nordic Open – nominations

Nordic Open Championships in powerlifting and bench press will take place in Njarðvík, Iceland in the end of August.

Final nominations must be submitted by August 1st.
Time table and referee roster will then be published.

Preliminary nominations:
Bench press 

Nominated referees:
Iceland: Helgi Hauksson (cat1) – Kári Rafn Karlsson (cat2) – Klaus Jensen (cat2) – Hörður Magnússon (cat2)
Sweden: Johnny Wiklund (cat1) – Patrik Björk (cat1)
Denmark: Klaus Brostrøm (cat1)
Norway: Inger Blikra (cat1) – Morten Novum (cat1)
Finland: Jari Rantapelkonen (cat2) – Matti Rajaniemi (cat2)

Nordic open – nominations

The preliminary nominations for the Open Nordic Championships in powerlifting and bench press can be found here.

The numbers listed as “first lift” is the lifters personal best!

Nominations powerlifting:

Nominations bench press:

Nordic open – INFO

You can find all the information you need on the Nordic open Championships in Bench Press and Powerlifting in Iceland in this brochure: 2014 Nordic Booklet

Read all about the meet, the accomodation and service, the venue, banquet and the Reykjanes region in Iceland.

The Powerlifting Championships will take place on friday August 22nd and Bench Press on saturday August 23rd.
The timetable will be published after the preliminary nomination on June 22nd. Weigh in will most likely start at 08.00.

PLEASE OBSERVE: book your hotel room immediately!
The hotel is keeping the rooms available until the end of June and can not guaratee available rooms much longer.
It might prove very difficult and expencive to find alternative accomodation.

Record update

The World Championships in Bench Press in Rødby, Denmark saw some remarkable results.

Fredrik Smulter´s stunning 400 kg bench press has been added to the record registry, along with Calle Nilsson´s new sub-junior World record and new Nordic records by Gestsson, Fransson, Vikla, Riis, Christensen, Rames, Vilmar and Lönn.


Open Nordic Championships – invitation

npfThe Open Nordic Championships in powerlifting and bench press will take place in Reykjanesbæ in Iceland on August 22nd and 23rd.
Invitation powerlifting – Nordicopen14PL_invitation
Invitation bench press – Nordicopen14BP_invitation
Preliminary nomination June 22nd
Final nomination August 1st
Meet director: Sturla Olafsson,
Accommodation: Gulla Olsen,

The biannual NPF congress will take place on August 21st.

Accommodation and information: 2014 Nordic Booklet
Please book your hotel rooms as soon as possible and note the advantages of prepayment.

The organizer, the local club Massi, will endevour to make the meet and your stay in Iceland a positive and memorable experience.

Records update

The Registry of Nordic records is starting to look more and more like the Registry of World records!

The Registry has been updated with amazing new records by Christensen, Rølvåg, Walgermo, Bakkelund, Elverum and Juvet Hugdal.

Nordic Championships – photos

Photos by Sigurjón Pétursson.