New classic records

The biggest event in IPF history is coming to an end in Salo, Finland this week end.
The organizers have impressed us, and so have the lifters.
A number of new Nordic classic subjunior and junior records were made by
Engrenius – Kirkanen – Sjöl – Lohivuo – Törrönen – Sakko – Tunroth – Andersson – Kuusisto – Närhi – Saber – Ala-Luopa – Berglund – Haraldsen – Perttula – Suomela  and Hautala.


Record update

Strong lifting in Sundsvall last week resulted in eight new Nordic bench press records.
We congratulate Engrenius, Hauksdóttir, Lönn, Christensen, Fredriksen, Jamroz, Öberg and Smulter.

Incidentally five of these records were new World Records as well! Four of them still are.

Records update

The Swedish National Championships for juniors and subjuniors in Falun resulted in many new classic records, national as well as Nordic. The NPF record registry has been updated.
Congratulations to  Blyckert, Ahola, Norin, Engqvist, Engrenius, Winroth, Hedström and Jeppsson.

Nordic Classic Records – new standards

The NPF board has agreed to standards for Nordic Records in classic powerlifting subjuniors/juniors categories.
The standards take effect immediately and are effective until broken.
Classic records will be registered in classic competitions. Classic records can not be broken in equipped competitions, even if the lifter in question is lifting without equipment.
In all other respects paragraph 10 in the NPF Bylaws is valid for Classic Records as for Equipped Records.
Standards for other age categories will follow.


Strong girls

New Nordic records were set in the Women SubJunior category last week end.
Congratulations, Lena Sjøl, Anna Dorthea Espevik and Fríða Björk Einarsdóttir.

Photos from Finland

New records.

New records in classic powerlifting at the Nordic Championships:

World records:

Maria Engrenius, Sweden, -47 kg subjunior women, bench press 65 kg, deadlift 128 and total 288 kg

Susanna Torronen, Finland, -84 kg subjunior women, bench press 103 kg

Daniel Saber, Sweden, -93 subjunior men, deadlift 280 kg and total 655 kg

European record

Henna Kaasalainen, Finland, -72 kg subjunior women, deadlift 160 kg