Swedish National Powerlifting Championships

Du you want to watch it?
Saturday and Sunday at 10:00!

2 responses to “Swedish National Powerlifting Championships

  • Jacob Beermann

    There will be live streaming from the Danish National Championships in the upcoming weekend – saturday and sunday from 12:00 – http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dm-a-2011

  • Tyelyegyen Satvas

    Hello my name is Tyelyegyen Satvas, i am 36 , i do powerlifting for 3 years,my weight is under 105 kg. my results are Squat:302.5 kg., Bench press: 170 kg., Dead lift: 262.5 kg. If you are interested in my results and if you are in need of athlets like me in tour country please write to my email. Thouse results i have are not a maximum, i can lift more if i train more, and results i achived without taking any proteins, croteins and vitamins. Sencerely, Tyelyegyen Satvas.

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