Record update

Good efforts by our Nordic lifters resulted in many medals and new records at the European Championship for juniors and subjuniors in Herning, Denmark.

The record register has been updated with Matti Christensens BP 145,0 kg (-53 kg subjr), Kristoffer Eikelands DL 332,5 (-105 jr), Erik Gunhamns DL 352,5 (-93 jr) and Damir Trokics total 942,5 (120 jr).
Christensens and Gunhamns records can also be claimed as a new European record,  and Gunhans 353,5 is tantalizingly close to the world jr standard of 360 kg.

We congratulate the new Record holders and all the young lifters on their good results.
And congratulate our friends in Herning and the Danish federation on a great arrangement.

Well done!

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