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Nordic Open – nominations

Nordic Open Championships in powerlifting and bench press will take place in Njarðvík, Iceland in the end of August.

Final nominations must be submitted by August 1st.
Time table and referee roster will then be published.

Preliminary nominations:
Bench press 

Nominated referees:
Iceland: Helgi Hauksson (cat1) – Kári Rafn Karlsson (cat2) – Klaus Jensen (cat2) – Hörður Magnússon (cat2)
Sweden: Johnny Wiklund (cat1) – Patrik Björk (cat1)
Denmark: Klaus Brostrøm (cat1)
Norway: Inger Blikra (cat1) – Morten Novum (cat1)
Finland: Jari Rantapelkonen (cat2) – Matti Rajaniemi (cat2)