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Nordic Championships – timetable

Due to the large number of nominations some changes have been made to the original timetable in September.

TIMETABLE New timetable Nordic 2017

Nordic Championships – nominations

Nordic Championships Sub-junior and Junior in Classic and Equipped Powerlifting and Bench Press
will take place in Norway in September with a total of 134 entries.

Final nomination date is August 24th.

NOMINATIONS NMjr17_nominations

JrNordic 2017 – invitation

Nordic Championships in classic and equipped powerlifting and bench press juniors and subjuniors will take place in Elnesvågen, Norway on September 14th – 16th 2017.
Preliminary nominations July 16th.

INVITATION: nordic17_invitation

Records update

Many new records were added to NPF and EPF record registry in Thisted.

Contratulations to Christensen, Hamdan, Boensen, Wilkens, Berglund, Hedlund, Kaya, Engqvist, Lamminen, Lipponen, Hedström, Kaasalainen, Barsoee, Pylväs, Jokela

The registry has been updated.


Changes to Calendar 2017

Changes have been made to the NPF Calendar 2017.

Nordic Championships Junior / Subjunior will take place in Fræna, Norway 14 – 17 September.

The following Championships will be arranged:
Powerlifting, men + women
Classic Powerlifting men + women
Bench Press men + women
Classic Bench Press men + women

Records update

Nordic record registry has been updated with results from WC open in Orlando, The National Classic Powerlifting Championships for Juniors and Sub-Juniors in Finland and the National Powerlifting Championships for Juniors and masters in Norway.
Congratulations to Savolainen, Samúelsson, Jóhannsson, Elverum, Aaberg, Lamminen, Jere Kirkanen, Kaasalainen, Kyösti, Seppa, Pylväs, Mäki, Anette Kirkanen, Kumpulainen, Närhi, Perttula, Hesthammer, Valentinsen, Espevik og Andersen

Record registry updated

All Nordic Records are now up-to-date with the single lift Bench Press records noted separately.

Big thank you to Mr. Timo Heiskanen, our registrar