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New records.

New records in classic powerlifting at the Nordic Championships:

World records:

Maria Engrenius, Sweden, -47 kg subjunior women, bench press 65 kg, deadlift 128 and total 288 kg

Susanna Torronen, Finland, -84 kg subjunior women, bench press 103 kg

Daniel Saber, Sweden, -93 subjunior men, deadlift 280 kg and total 655 kg

European record

Henna Kaasalainen, Finland, -72 kg subjunior women, deadlift 160 kg


Results from Finland

Final results from Finland can be found here:

Powerlifting – equipped
Subjunior women
Best lifter: Lena Sjøl, Norway
Best team: Norway
Junior women
Best lifter: Inger-Lene Sunnarvik, Norway
Best team: Norway
Subjunior men
Best lifter: Alexander Lancaster, Norway
Best team: Denmark
Junior men
Best lifter: Jonathan Gonge, Denmark
Best team: Norway

Powerlifting – unequipped
Subjunior women
Best lifter: Maria Engrenius, Sweden
Best team: Finland
Junior women
Best lifter: Clara Friden, Sweden
Best team: Finland
Subjunior men
Best lifter: Daniel Saber, Sweden
Best team: Finland
Junior men
Best lifter: Mehmet Kaya, Sweden
Best team: Finland

Nordic Championships 2015 – invitation

The Nordic Championships in powerlifting, classic and equipped, for subjuniors and juniors, men and women will take place in Pornainen, Finland on February 20th and 21st 2015.

Nordic open – final nomination

Bench press:



Nordic open – nominations

The preliminary nominations for the Open Nordic Championships in powerlifting and bench press can be found here.

The numbers listed as “first lift” is the lifters personal best!

Nominations powerlifting:

Nominations bench press:

Nordic junior/subjunior – time schedule

Plan for Nordic Championships subjuniors and juniors 22nd February 2014

Subjuniors men and women and juniors women

Weigh-in at 8:00 – Start at 10.00

Group 1: Subjuniors women and subjuniors men (6 + 5= 11 lifters)
Group 2: Juniors women (9 lifters)

Jury:    Patrik Thur (Swe), Klaus Broström (DK) and Helgi Haukson (Ice)
Referees:        Johann Westerberg (Fin), Jan Lyhne (DK) and Pål Nilsen (Nor)

Juniors men

Weigh-in at 12:30 – Start at 14:30

Group 1: 59 kg-93 kg (12 lifters)
Group 2: 105 kg-120+ (10 lifters)

Jury:    Klaus Broström (D), Helgi Haukson (Ice), Johan Westerberg (Fin)
Referees:        Johnny Wirklund (Swe), Mark Wolff (DK) and Jan Sjøl (Nor)

Final nomination for Aalborg

The Nordic Championships in powerlifting for juniors and subjuniors, men and women, will take place in Aalborg, Denmark on February 22nd with the following participants: FINAL NOMINATION NMjr14

More information and time plan will follow shortly.

Nordic Championship for subjr/jr 2014 – invitation

The Nordic Championships for subjuniors and juniors 2014 will take place in Aalborg, Denmark on Saturday February 22rd.
This will be a single-day meet, barring a significant increase in the number of participants.
Preliminary nomination: 22.12.2013
Final nomination: 01.02.2014


Nominations shall be submitted to NPF by Gry Ek:
and Meet director Kim Lynge:

Nordic Championships – photos

Photos by Sigurjón Pétursson

Nordic Championships – results

Results from the Nordic Championship for subjuniors and juniors in Reykjavík


Best subjunior women was Krista Määttää from Finland.
Best subjunior men was Eddi Berglund from Sweden.
Best junior woman was  Linn Ark from Sweden.
Best junior men was Joachim Lindseth from Norway.

Norway won the team competition for women.
Sweden won the mens team competition.