• 1 Definition and name

The NORDIC POWERLIFTING FEDERATION hereinafter called “NPF” is an organization founded on February 23, 1975. The Federation is composed of the affiliated Nordic National Federations governing the sport of powerlifting based on one national federation per country. The NPF will work for increased interest of powerlifting in the Nordic countries.

  • 2 Objectives

NPF shall follow the rules defined by the International powerlifting federation (IPF), but the NPF can make adjusted rules for the Nordic championship.

  • 3 NPF congress

The NPF congress will be held one day before the Nordic Championship every second year.

The President, General Secretary (GS) and the other nations members of the NPF board shall be present at the congress.

Proposals to the congress must be sent to the President and the GS not later than 4 weeks prior to the congress.

An official agenda for the NPF congress must be sent at least 2 weeks before the congress takes place.

Every nation has one vote for the congress as long as the payments according to §7 is fulfilled. Each nation can nominate up to two delegates for the NPF congress. All delegates have the right to speak at the congress. If the votes are equal, the vote of the President will rule.

The federation arranging the Nordic championship is responsible for facilitating the congress.

  • 4 Order of business

At every congress of the NPF the following will be the order of business:

  1. The President opens the congress
    2. Approve the order of business
    3.         Elect speaker and secretary for the congress
    4.         Approve the minutes of the last congress
    5.         Previous years report
    6.         Previous years financial report
    7.         Set fees (annual nations member fee, nomination fees and doping fee)
    8.         Set travel rates
    9.         Proposals
    10.       Budget
    11.        Time and place for future championships and congress
    12.        Election (see §5)
    13.        Any other business
  • 5 Election

The NPF board is elected for two (2) years.

The NPF board includes one President and one General secretary from the same country, in addition to national representatives from the other member nations.

The national representatives are nominated by their respective national federations.

A webmaster and record registrar is appointed every second year (same year as the congress).

The newly elected NPF board starts to act the first Monday after the congress.

  • 6 Duties

Duties for the President, General Secretary (GS), record registrar and webmaster of the NPF:

Representing the NPF between the congresses
Lead the NPF board
Organizing the congress
Approve all financial transactions together with the GS.
Make sure that the communication between the Nordic member federations is good.

General Secretary
Prepare the yearly activity report and the yearly financial report
Act as treasurer.
Approve all financial transactions together with the President.

keep the NPF website updated

Record registrar
Keep the NPF records updated, and send updated list to the webmaster for publishing on the website. Send record certificates. They can be sent via e-mail to the respective Federation.

  • 7 Annual national fees – nomination fee and doping fee

Every member nation must pay the annual fee to the NPF at latest end of January.

The annual fee (in Euro) is decided by the congress. (As stated in the minutes from the congress, 2018 the annual fee is 550 €)

The nomination fee is decided by the congress. (As stated in the minutes from the congress 2018: Powerlifting: 45€ per lifter. Benchpress:   35€ per lifter.)

Doping fee is the same as for IPF international championships.

  • 8 Nordic Championsships – invitation and nomination

All member nations which have payed the annual fee according to §7 have the right to participate in the Nordic Championships.

The Nordic Championships are organized according to the IPF by-laws.

The nomination list will be published on the NPF website.

Payment of nomination fees must be done to the organizer as stated in the invitation letter.

Every nation is responsible for their own expences connected to the Nordic championships.

The championship organizer must inform the cost of hotel and banquet as part of the invitation to the Championship.

  • 9 Nordic Championsships – competition

Nordic Championships for Sub-juniors and Juniors are sanctioned by the EPF and doping tests are executed in accordance with the rules of IPF and WADA.

The Nordic Championship (NC) in powerlifting for sub-juniors and juniors (men and women) equipped and classic style shall be organized every year preferably mid February. The competitions shall be held at the same week end.


Number 1, 2 and 3 in each weight class is awarded the NPF championship medal. Expenses to medals are covered by the NPF.

In every Nordic Championship the three (3) best national teams win a team award where the organizer covers the expenses. There are separate awards for men and women.
The best lifter in each age category, men and women, is also awarded.

  • 10 Nordic records

Nordic records are listed in squat, benchpress, single benchpress, deadlift and total.

Nordic standard records as of 1.1.2011 is valid until broken.

Nordic records demands ruling of international category II referees.

Exception: Nordic records can be broken at national championships in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland for respective age categories. The referees can have a category above the lowest possible category as long as there are a Jury present including at least one international category II referee to make sure of the standard of the competition.

The record must be sent the NPF’s record registrar no later than one (1) week after the record has been broken. The lifters weight at weight-in will apply for the record,

Nordic records does not have a demand for a doping control.

All athletes which breaks a Nordic record recieves a record certificate. Expences to record certificates are covered by the NPF.

  • 11 Expences

The travel and logistics expenses for the NPF President and GS travelling to the congress is covered by the NPF.

The record registrar and webmaster shall get refund for expenses connected to their duties for the NPF.

  • 12 Changes in the by-laws

In order to change the by-laws for the NPF any proposal needs at least sixty (60) % of the total number of votes in favor of change.

The by-laws can ony be modified at the congress (even years).

  • 13 Dissolution

NPF can only be dissolved when all member nations support the decision of dissolution.

  • 14 Changes of the NPF by-laws.

Ovanstående stadgar gällande from 23 februari 1975.
Justeringar gjorda på Styrelsemötet i Brøndby, Danmark den 8 september 2000.
Justeringar senast gjorda vid extra kongress i Västertorp, Sverige den 26 januari 2002
Justeringar efter påpekande av Kimmo Jouhki den 4 februari 2002
Logo inlagd 21 februari 2002 av Johan Westerberg
§3, §9 och §11 justerade enligt kongressbeslut 6 september 2002.
§3, §4, §5, §6, §7, §8, §9, §11, §12 och §14 justerade enligt kongressbeslut 5 september 2003.
§9, §10 justerade enligt styrelsebeslut 10 sept 2004
§9, §10 justerade enligt styrelsebeslut sept 2006 samt efter IPF´s kongress 2006
§3, §4, §5, §6, §8, §9, §12 were modified and all paragraphs translated to English according to the minutes from NPF congress 27 august 2010.
§4, §6, §8, §9 and  § 10 were modified by the NPF congress 24 August 2012
Thorough revision by the NPF congress 21 August 2014 in order to match IPF rules.
§6, §7, §9. § 10 and  § 11 were amended by the NPF congress 22.September 2018
§3 was amended by the NPF congress 5.Nóvember 2021

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