NPF congress 2016

The 2016 NPF congress took place in Pilzen on May 11th.
The minutes have been published:

Record updates

Outstanding performance at the European classic Championships resulted in several new records for juniors and subjuniors.
Congratulations to Nilsson, Berglund, Hällfors, Saber, Kaya, Kirkanen, Lipponen, Törrönen, Kaasalainen, Jeppson and Sjøl!

Record update

Strong lifting at the Nordic Juniors resulted in several new records, Nordic, European and even World records.

Congratulations Hedström, Winroth, Jeppson, Kirkanen, Lipponen, Konkola, Seppä, Sarwien, Hällfors and Hedlund!


A big thank you to Katrineholms AK for a very well organized Nordic Championships.
Congratulations to all the new champions and record holders.
Next year we meet in Norway.

Men sub/jr_59-83
Men_juniors 93-120+

Men_sub/jr 66 – 83
Men_juniors 93 – 120+


CLASSIC: Resultat SL-NM U-J 2016 classic

EQUIPPED: Resultat SL-NM 2016 U-J 2016 equipped

Timetable – updated


Nordic jr – streaming

Next week it’s time for the Sub-/Junior Nordic Championships in Katrineholm. During the days of competition it will be possible to watch the Championships online.

Here is how:

Instructions – Live Stream:
1. Visit: and create a free account. If you want to you can easily change the language by clicking on the header “Välj språk” (=select language). Then you can choose between numbers of languages.

2. Next step is to choose if you want to buy the live stream for one day, or if you want to buy the stream for both days for a package price (please see costs below). You can choose to pay the live stream by credit card, bank transfer or SMS.

Live stream Friday: 39 SEK, start ca. 10:00
Live stream Saturday: 39 SEK, start ca. 10:00
Event (both days): 60 SEK

(Please see the official timetable for the correct starting times for each category and weightclass)

Here you can find more information about how to pay for the live stream:

The live stream will be broadcasted by StayLive and if you need any support or just simply needs to ask something about the live stream, you can either visit the support page:
Or contact StayLive by email:

Nordic jr – timetable


Referee list