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Nordic junior/subjunior – time schedule

Plan for Nordic Championships subjuniors and juniors 22nd February 2014

Subjuniors men and women and juniors women

Weigh-in at 8:00 – Start at 10.00

Group 1: Subjuniors women and subjuniors men (6 + 5= 11 lifters)
Group 2: Juniors women (9 lifters)

Jury:    Patrik Thur (Swe), Klaus Broström (DK) and Helgi Haukson (Ice)
Referees:        Johann Westerberg (Fin), Jan Lyhne (DK) and Pål Nilsen (Nor)

Juniors men

Weigh-in at 12:30 – Start at 14:30

Group 1: 59 kg-93 kg (12 lifters)
Group 2: 105 kg-120+ (10 lifters)

Jury:    Klaus Broström (D), Helgi Haukson (Ice), Johan Westerberg (Fin)
Referees:        Johnny Wirklund (Swe), Mark Wolff (DK) and Jan Sjøl (Nor)

Nordisk – INFO

Information on the upcoming Nordic Championship subjr/jr.

Distance Oslo Gardermoen Airport – Olavsgaarden Hotel ca 30 km.
Transport information: Norwegian –  English

HOTEL – VENUE (Avancia)
Shuttle service Olavsgård Hotel – Avancia venue (6 – 7 minutes) on saturday morning from 07.15 and onwards.
First priority for lifters and referees starting weigh in at 8:00.

Food and beverages will be on sale at the venue as well as Championship T-shirts.

NB! All sales will be CASH ONLY.
We recommend that guests use ATM or bank services at the airport for currency exchange. They are not easily accessible at venue.