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Final nomination for Aalborg

The Nordic Championships in powerlifting for juniors and subjuniors, men and women, will take place in Aalborg, Denmark on February 22nd with the following participants: FINAL NOMINATION NMjr14

More information and time plan will follow shortly.

Nordic Championships – NOMINATIONS

Here are the preliminary nominations for the Open Nordic Championships i Powerlifting and Bench press 2012.



38 lifters are nominated in Powerlifting, 17 women and 21 men.
38 lifters are also nominated i Bench press, 16 women and 22 men.

Final nominations must be sent by August 4th.

Nordic sub-jr/jr Championships – NOMINATIONS

More than 50 young Nordic powerlifters are now busy preparing for the upcoming Nordic Championships taking place in Skedsmokorset, Norway on April 14th.

Here are the preliminary nominations:Nordicjr_12

For more information, contact meet director Heidi Hille Arnesen: heiarn@lorenskog-skole.no

NM- subjr/jr_ preliminary_timetable

Due to the numbers of lifter that has been nominated all lifters can participate on Saturday the 23rd of april.

Preliminary timetable – will be confirmed after final nomination.

WOMEN sub juniors and juniors: weight in at 08.00. Competition starts at 10.00

MEN sub-juniors: weight in at 11.00. Competition starts at 13.00

MEN juniors: weight in at 14.00. Competition starts at 16.00


The invitation for the upcoming Nordic Championships jr/subjr already posted here had some inaccurasies.
Included is the corrected version. The board regrets any inconvenience this might have caused.

Nässjö atlet og motionsklubb invites young Nordic powerlifters to  NM 2011.
The championship takes place in Nässjö on April 23th and 24th.
Final nomination date is April 2nd.