Men_18class –  Men_23class

Men_open –  Men_23 –  Men_18 –  Men_40 –  Men_50 –  Men_60  –  Men_70

Women_18class  – Women_23class
Women_open –  Women_18 – Women_23  – Women_40 – Women_50  –  women_60


Men classic:
Men_18classbp  –  Men_23classbp
Men equipped:
Men_bp – Men_18bp – Men_23bp – Men_40bp – Men_50bp – Men_60bp – Men_70bp
Women equipped:
womenbp_open – women_18bp – Women23_bp – womenbp_40 – Women_50bp – women_60bp

Women classic:

Nordic records are registered according to § 10 of the NPF byLaws:

Nordic records are listed in squat, benchpress, single benchpress, deadlift and total.

Nordic standard records as of 1.1.2011 is valid until broken.

Nordic records demands ruling of international category II referees.

Exception: Nordic records can be broken at national championships in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland for respective age categories. The referees can have a category above the lowest possible category as long as there are a Jury present including at least one international category II referee to make sure of the standard of the competition.

The record must be sent the NPF’s record registrar no later than one (1) week after the record has been broken. The lifters weight at weight-in will apply for the record,

Nordic records does not have a demand for a doping control.

All athletes which breaks a Nordic record recieves a record certificate. Expences to record certificates are covered by the NPF.

Record claims must be submitted on this form: Record claim (pdf) – record-claim (xls)

Record registrar: Timo Heiskanen

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