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Nordic Open Bench Press – results

Nordic Open Powerlifting – results


Nordic open – live streaming

Live streaming from Nordic Open friday and saturday

Nordic Open – INFO

Thursday August 21:
NPF biannual congress will take place at Hotel Keflavik, Vatnsnesvegi 12-14,  at 18.00
Technical meeting will take place at venue, Norðurstíg 2,  at 20.00

Friday August 22:
Open Nordic Championships in powerlifting, men and women

Saturday August:
Open Nordic Championships in Bench Press, men and women

Banquet at Restaurant Ráin, Hafnargata 19a, at 19.00

See booklet for further information:

Nordic Open – time schedule

Time schedule for the Nordic Open Championships in Powerlifting and Bench Press


Referee duty


NPF conference 2014

The biannual NPF conference will take place in Iceland on August 21st.

Agenda: agenda
Activity report 2012-2014: report2012-14
Proposals: proposals2014

Nordic open – final nomination

Bench press: